Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The time in-between ...

Traveling, I often have this feeling of spending time in-between worlds ... whether it's that point where I walk through customs and into the journey or that time spent falling into and learning how to live in a new city or country.

It's been like that here.
For 4 nights I slept badly, rushed about madly, met incredible people, saw beautiful things and heard interesting stories.

Last night I learned how to sleep in this new life; a life without language and without the life-support of an internet connection at the apartment. The internet element is more important than I realised. I have become accustomed to the ease with which I can read my way around the world, do research and talk to people ... and it's simple to stay up until I am tired.

Here in Genova, there is only the book research, the project and books bought for pleasure.

Last night I was asleep by 11pm, only to wake - ready for the new day, at 3.30am. I decided to accept my fate. I picked up my books on Genova and began taking notes. I stopped about 5am and slept until the phone woke me at 9.35am.

This morning I realised the headache of these last few days is finally gone.
I knew where I would have my breakfast cappuchino.
I know the way home.

Such small things that create a big shift when you're traveling in a country not your own.

Yesterday I bought a huge bunch of yellow daisies at the vibrant covered market, then blank cds in FNAC, books someplace else and last night I stopped at the supermarket on the way home.

I am learning the ways of a new land and I'm loving it.

The photograph: taken from the hills above Genova on Sunday. A place where I finally saw olive nets tied under trees, where the flowers created one of my most beautiful photography sessions ever. Thanks Paola.


Deadlyjelly said...

I can identify with all you said in this wonderful post. In some countries, even though I visited several times, I never stayed long enough to shake that sense of displacement.

This brief holiday on the road makes me realise I am addicted to Internet connectivity. I check my emails 3 x times a day:

"It's not like I HAVE to. I can give up any time."

Mm hmm

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

This is so lovely. Glad you're adjusting :)

Peter said...

I guess that the pleasure of traveling can actually be that feeling of spending time in-between worlds, well, it may obviously depends on your goal during the time you're traveling.

Glad to read you settled nicely, with two people here watching with awe at the hills above Genova.

PEACE said...

I know, I don't go anywhere without the old laptop, and then if there isn't service I freak. Hard to believe that it really wasn't that long ago that we didn't even have the world wide web.

We are all addicts! I now will only check my email in the morning and put the darn thing away when I am traveling. I have found asking locals "What shouldn't I miss while I'm here" as taken me to some great sites and restaurants that I otherwise wouldn't have found.

Di Mackey said...

You know, deadlyjelly, I think I kind of like this sense of displacement. I'm not sure why but there you go, even as I feel kind of uncomfortable sometimes, the good moments are that much better.

Oh, give up your internet connectivity ... don't be silly. It's quite miserable ;)

Thanks Michelle :)

But never forget Peter, I do have this habit of leaving out the more difficult moments in life ;)

I know what you mean Peace but I need the internet to research the great sights and I find it so useful to be able to work then slip out into the internet for a break, writing a blog post or an email, or reading the world. And having no internet in the evening ... that's truly an exercise in self-restraint complicated by no television and a lack of easy access to books.

These are the complications of countries not our own, although all that said, I do really love it.

Kay said...

An amazing experience of delving into inner resources I am guessing ... enjoy and keep reporting & connecting ! :)

Di Mackey said...

You guess well, Kay. I love this place that traveling takes me too, even if it's a struggle somedays. I will ...