Sunday, October 12, 2008

Backing away from politics ...

the dancer, originally uploaded by - di.

The last few weeks have been about me trying to control a Tourette-like impulse to blog about the American elections ... and completely failing anything resembling control.

So there have been deletions, as is my way when I have post-posting regrets. I'm sorry.

I've decided to go back to my passion and present the photography here.

Let's see how it goes ...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Feels like the world is tearing apart at the seams....or the US anyway.

Di Mackey said...

We're watching out here, Belgium has lost one bank to a buy out by the Dutch and the French and the other big bank is in negotiation but so far ... well, not too bad.

It must be that much more difficult in the States, where you have those bloody elections too.

Shashikiran Mullur said...

Hello Di. If it is photography that you mention as your passion, I'm glad, we can look forward to more (great) pictures.

If the passion is Ms Four, I'm delighted for both of you.

But of course, your passion is for both.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Shashikiran, as always.

Peter said...

I noticed the deletions Di, given that Google reader faithfully presents all the posts that are no longer at your site.

That's the problems with blogging, even if you delete posts, Google will still have stored them in their cache. But I understand your desire to focus on what really matters.

I also no longer focus on the US (elections), only if it directly impacts my world or causes issues that are relevant to Antwerp or Belgium.

The only ones in control of the US elections are US citizens, but there's obviously nothing wrong with venting an opinion as an outsider.

I noticed I was bitten by a similar bug recently: I visted the ATV-TV studios in Antwerp (100 shots) and just returned from a 3h boat cruise in Antwerp harbor, all the way to the Dutch border (300 shots)

It must be contagious ;-)

Manictastic said...

That's a lovely picture.

We really shouldn't meddle into other countries affairs, but of course, as we have seen in this recent global financial catastrophe, every nation influences others. I really hope America gets its stuff back together and that the world can stay a peaceful place. I never doubted the American people. They are smart and know what's best for their country, but sometimes they need to take in the bigger picture. And the Americans aren't the only ones who need to look at this planet and not at their own country. We all are living in a globalized village and we all need to start realizing this.

RD said...

But, Di, it's just getting interesting in the US now! I completely understand your need to refocus, but, OMG, we are in the middle of a drama unlike any I've experienced in the US before. Bear with us. It's all coming to a head. We need lots of positive global energy sent our way, please. (And I don't mean oil.)

Di Mackey said...

I must find the time to come over and wander through your blog photos, Peter. I haven't had time to think since the laptop died and tomorrow is my last day for packing and orgaising ... gah.

You would make a good dad, Manic :) You're right and I know it but by crikey, some of the McCain/Palin stuff just had me on the ceiling.

I know RD and sorry, it was just that I got quite down with reading about it all. Perhaps you guys have turned a corner but the Republicans have a history of pulling something really dirty out of the bag ... I'm scared to look while I'm in Italy ... I'll come back in time to check out the election results ... although having written that, I did blog that youtube today, 14 October ;)