Monday, October 20, 2008

Gnocchi, Genova

Gnocchi, Genova, originally uploaded by - di.

Paola introduced me to this beautiful fresh pasta shop and I do believe I'll be back there to buy tonight's dinner.

Needless to say, the fresh sauce comes in all flavours too.

It's heavenly here, truly heavenly.


paris parfait said...

To have fresh pasta on a regular basis sounds fantastic! Enjoy every bite. xoxox

P.S. By the way, did you know your photos are spilling into the margins? Is that intentional, representing the intense joy of Italy? :)

Peter said...

A fresh pasta shop: it looks and sounds all simply divine Di!

Some good news from Belgium: sunny at 21°C/70°F today
(just today, hey, we're not in Italy ;-) and some personal relief after my tumor turned out to be benign (but still getting larger and complex enough to make that great Italian food hard to swallow)

Hans is still curious about Genova: he saw the classic shots on the internet, but really fell in love with your yellow Fiat 500.

Enjoy your stay! (he said, watching the predicted Belgian rain at 14°C)

Di Mackey said...

I just hope I do justice to the cooking, Tara. And yes, I think the overflow must be representative of this intense feeling of joy inside of me :)

It is Peter. Good to read the tumour is benign. Good luck with solving the mystery ofit.

And the weather ... congratulations. We've been overcast but kind of sticky here today.