Monday, October 20, 2008

Bread, Genova Italy

Bread, Genova Italy, originally uploaded by - di.

I had an impromptu interview with the owner/baker just along the road ... the place where Simon and Paola warned me I could buy the best focaccia in the world.

They were so right, photographs of it to follow. Meanwhile here are some more of his wares.


paola said...

Look forward to reading all about your adventures!!

Di Mackey said...

Lol, did you you sms me yesterday about whether I was lost yet or not?

You'll be stunned to know that by 10.30am I had bought flowers at the covered market, cds to burn cds on and cd cases for the photos from FNAC.

Sigh, then a terrible thing, I found the bookshop I think you might have warned me about. I bought TWO books. I could call them research I think ... let's see it.

I've organised an interview at our favourite apertivo place for Thursday and hope to find a wifi connection after the afternoon break ;)

I do miss you though, it was definately simpler and more fun with you around xo