Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Bear in Hiding

bear in hiding, originally uploaded by - di.

Sue gave me my bear a few years ago and he's one of the reasons I love her but there are a few hundred other reasons too. We're shocking correspondents but she's one of those people who can walk back into my life any old time ... although these days it's a case of 23 hours in the air and goodness knows how long in transit.

Miss Four got her hands on my bear one terrible night and used her lip-balm freely ... leading to bear rescue time here at our place.

I slipped him into the Maori kit Dominque gifted me - something to treasure from home. He and the kit have pride of place these days, high up and out of reach of those naughty little 4 year old hands.


Kay said...

Awwww he has to be the most gorgeous bear I have ever laid eyes on - and I mean that! What personality right there in that booodiful face! A great photo too (of course!)

kompoStella said...

he he... he does look a wee bit offended by the rough treatment :-D

Di Mackey said...

Well Kay, he was from Babycity, back when it was in behind Arthur Barnets :)

I think he feels safer up there kompostella. :)