Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just another day in Genova.

I'm not sure I have been in a city that satisfied so many of my senses before ... and photographically, Genova is quietly but assuredly sublime.

I am also privileged in terms of the people I know and in turn, sometimes I meet friends of friends. Today was one of those days and I've just come from spending some time photographing a beautiful family up on the hills above the city.

While there I was fed homemade pesto with pasta and all kinds of other delights, ending with gelato and expresso ... my cup runneth over today.

We have blue skies and sunshine here and even better, I slept deeply almost all night ... partially aided by a magically medicinal Chianti ... or perhaps it was the satisfaction of almost succeeding with the gnocchi. The words 'green and slimy' did cross my mind after realising that I might have over-cooked the gnocchi a little, that you really do just bring the water back to the boil to cook it.

I have photographs of the parcel the pasta came home in but that is a whole other story to be told when I'm organised and have small images here on my usb stick.

And last night I wrote 4 pages into what might just be a passable start at fiction. Writing is a habit I put aside a few years ago when my life changed and became more about adaption and survival than dreaming and writing.

It always takes time for me to make a psychological entry into any new life and perhaps the threshold has been crossed finally. The days ahead are going to be about exploring this city's history and natural beauty ... there are hills but my fitness is returning and the kilos are dropping again.

Did I ever tell you, I love wandering. Really love it.


paris parfait said...

So glad you're living in the moment and paying attention to the details. It sounds sublime! D and I discussed Antwerp; it is hoped we can make it after you're back and before Philadelphia. xoxox

furiousBall said...

sounds like all your senses are enjoying the trip. i do envy you amiga.

Manictastic said...

Oh, Di the fiction writer:D I'd love to read your work. :) Have fun in Genova.

Di Mackey said...

It is sublime, Tara and it will be lovely to see you when I get back. Fingers crossed. Let me know dates and I'll organise Flanders Fields xo

I blog the best bits, Van but I do understand the envy. I would be the same if you were the one traveling like this.

Ahh then perhaps I will send you a preview for opinion, Meneer Manic :)