Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wild Geese, New Zealand

Martin, a New Zealand friend living and working here in Belgium, introduced me to the music of Wild Geese as he organised inviting them to play over here, their music so pertinent to the 90th commemorations of world war one.

I was lucky enough to talk to a couple of them last weekend in Flanders Field and hear them play Friday night. I couldn't resist and bought one of their cds,'Promises to Keep'.

The title of the cd is also the name of my favourite track on the cd. You can hear it here.

And Martin has provided background information about the Wild Geese over on the Flanders 1917 website.

Promises to Keep is about the Featherston Military Camp, the last place New Zealand soldiers trained before being shipped out during World War One.

An extract from the lyrics:
You are all gone
And the flags no longer crack amid the cheers
It's been so long
And the memories are dulled by passing years
But here amongst these stony fields
Winter's weary shadow steals
And your voices linger on the breeze

March on march on
March on march on
Promises to keep
But miles to go before you sleep
March on march on


V-Grrrl said...

Love the lyrics...

womanwandering said...

Me too or 'Ik ook' as the Belgians say.