Friday, June 01, 2007

Di's Sarma, Part III and other news

My sarma was stunning once cooked (in my humble opinion).

Even better, I discovered a store selling Turkish yogurt yesterday and just believe me when I say you haven't tasted yogurt until you've tasted Turkish yogurt.

So I cooked the sarma last night, gently simmering them with a plate pressed on top of them, holding them in place and then crushed a clove of garlic into a few spoonfuls of the thick natural Turkish yogurt as a dip.

My cup runneth over this morning (and it could be that my breath is a little garlicky).

I'm off to the opening of the exhibition on Language this afternoon. I took a series of photographs of immigrants with Ahmed recording their 'passport type details' and I've yet to see how the photoswere used. Apparently my filmed recording of the ee cummings poetry will be playing as will the recent television piece I took part in on language and immigrants.

I'm curious.
They invited me to take my camera ... let's see what I bring home.

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