Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Reflections in the city

reflections in the city, originally uploaded by - di.

We went city wandering today, things to do, people to see when I noticed the reflections in this large window. Suddenly historic downtown Antwerpen looked kind of post-modern ...


Manic said...

What were you doing in the Hilton? Meeting some special movie stars? Was it Peter Jackson or the dude that played Gollum?

womanwandering said...

Actually, I had heard that Ralph Fiennes was filming in Belgie which was simply all too delicious to stand.

'The dude that played Gollum'? What do you mean, no one 'played' Gollum, he's real you know.

Hmmmm, we passed the Hilton on our way to the tea shop ... okay?

Peter said...

Di, we keep on passing the same locations, "time-shifted".

I passed by the same window (the Antwerp Hilton entrance) at 5pm.

For me this door has turned into 'just another entry', but you actually turned it into a whole new experience.

Time can be a strange factor: I hadn't seen a cross-the-street-neighbour in over a year, yes, due to the "time-shift" factor.

But I will make sure to say hello if we ever bump into each other ;-)

Manic, don't over estimate the Antwerp Hilton: in spite of their inflated prices their terrace café clientèle is very mixed: I used to be one of them - and trust me, I'm not that special :-).

BTW: Ralph Fiennes started filming in Bruges last March (the movie, with the rather uninspiring tittle "In Bruges" is starring Colin Farrell) I haven't got a clue where he is now.

Manic said...

So Gollum is real? Wow, I knew there were some sick animals in the land Down Under, but this, just makes me speechless.

I never overestimate any Hilton Peter :) Not even the jail type, oh that Paris girl just gives you such an ammo of jokes.

womanwandering said...

I always keep an eye open for you when I'm wandering in your neighbourhood Peter :)

I wanted some photographs today so I was on the lookout for the unusual. I guess I was just lucky to look up at the right time. I love the women in it ... it's as if you can see how they were when they were young ... there's a vigor in their step or something.

Ralph ... if I have one actor-weakness it's surely Mr Fiennes.

Oh Manic, we have all kinds of 'things' back home. I thought you knew - I mean think kiwi bird ... long beak, tiny wings, can't fly, lays enormous eggs. Gollum's not so strange after all.

And nothing but nothing makes you speechless Meneer Manic.