Sunday, June 10, 2007

Irish Piper II

Irish Piper II- Belgie, originally uploaded by - di.


Mark J said...

Great image Di - but I wouldn't expect anything less from you girl :)

Will try and catch you at the normal time for a catch up later today.

Manic said...

Isn't he mister charming? :)
Good luck with the elections today. It's your first right, since you became officially a Belgian citizen? Just stay calm and colour the circle of your candidate red. Or do you have those fancy computers yet in your area?

womanwandering said...

Thanks Mark. They were so much fun to photograph!

Good morning Meneer Manic, foreigners can't vote until they've been accepted and in Belgium for 5 years ... something about it taking that long to be integrated into enough understanding of Belgium to vote.

Let's see how the blauwe do in Antwerp today ;)