Friday, June 22, 2007

Ironing or dishes ... ?

It could be that little Miss Two isn't the only one who can cause me to fall over laughing ...

I was pondering the question of what I hate more - ironing or dishes, when my daughter wandered into the kitchen behind me.

She loves ironing and we've spent the last few hours on our self-assigned tasks with her ironing her way through today's freshly dried washing while I laboured through the rest of the housework ... I had decided I hate washing dishes but I truly intensely dislike ironing.

A question for opening the door into interesting conversation at parties back home was 'why educate women if you want them happy as wives and mothers in the house?'

It always earned a response, many responses really, many varied responses ... so back to me doing the dishes and thinking. Jessie coughed in that way that makes you know something is up.

She had SOMEHOW found herself with a plastic coat hanger stuck round her neck ... a possible morality tale for women who get bored while doing the ironing and distracted by good television viewing.

I ran for the camera and heard 'ow, ouch, uf' behind me.

Sure enough, said coathanger was off before I could get proof is this hilariously idiotic action by a woman of intelligence.

Disclaimer: I had permission post, with muffled laughter and the words 'Just so long as you don't have pictures'.


Manic said...

I guess freak accidents runs in the family. I know one thing though, that your family must have the most hilarious family dinners on the planet.
So sad you didn't get proof, next time place your camera nearer to where you are working. :)

womanwandering said...

I don't know about hilarious ... sometimes Gert and I are lost for words. Sometimes it's Gert is lost for words ...

Mmmm, she grew up with me and the camera, she's usually far more wary. Happens when your every move is photograph from birth ;)

V-Grrrl said...

My humbling experience is that I can't iron well at all. It looks so easy but I never, for the life of me, get anything resembling a clean crisp look with an iron.

Who knew it was an art form?

womanwandering said...

My first husband joined the military at 30 - midlife crisis and the opportunity to become an instructional techniques officer.

He was home for the first time in a while on his basic training phase and he was foolish enough to tell me that the guy in charge of his training said that the trainees weren't to let any bloody women ever iron their uniform.

I took this as gospel and so began my career as a woman who was happy to grab hold of any reason not to iron ... I should be ashamed but I'm not.

Jon said...

If only there were pictures, Jessica does silly things quite often, I can just imagine you with a coat hanger around her neck and it makes me giggle and smile. I love your daughter so much Di, and your daughers daughter.

ML said...

Good grief ... I thought it was Ms two who had the hanger around her neck!! and wondered why SHE said no pictures lol... Oh well,, When I get there, I WILL DO THE DISHES!! Glad Jesse escaped the hanger!! lol

Lisa said...

What do you think, can educated women be happy as housewives or do they need to be employed to be fulfilled?

I'm with your girl, I love to iron. Hate doing dishes, though. And while I don't mind folding laundry I hate sorting, putting it in the washer/dryer. But I love hanging it up on a line to dry in the sun. Go figure.

womanwandering said...

Hey Jon, I thought you might appreciate that particular story.

Stay warm in the snow over there.

It was hilarious ML and as I recall, I didn't want to you leave last year because you were so very superb at the dishes ... and who can argue with a history teacher about what she can and can't do :)

We're complex and mysterious creatures Lisa ;) And never-the-mind what I think lol. It varies anyway.