Sunday, June 03, 2007

Five cities I would like to live in for a year ...

Thanks for tagging me with the 5 cities question Manic. It's surely a license to dream some.

Without question my first year would be spent living in Roma.
I fell so deeply in love with that city and I'm hungry to go back and wander there one day soon.

I loved the language, the people, the food, the architecture, the light and the way history is all over the place, open and welcoming ... simply there, proof of times past.

My second year would surely be spent back in Istanbul. Another adored city of mine. I would rent a place somewhere near Galata Tower and spend every day out with my camera, collecting the stories of people who live there.

Life there was the best kind of adventure ... whether wandering through Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar with its 2000 shops or out on the Bosphorous with its mad crazy shipping traffic and magical breezes. The people, the food, the pulse of the city ... I'm not sure I could leave there a second time.

However if I did ... my third year would be spent in Paris. I had a day and a night there in April and was left wanting more. I'd like to wander and learn that city some. Her moods and her architecture, the streets and the people. There are photographs I need to go back and take and I'm curious about how Paris is now as compared to every book I ever read that was set there.

My fourth year in Tehran or someplace in Iran.
The culture there fascinates when you look beyond the political. The culture ... the food, the art, the society. I'd like to wander, know the people, take photographs ... live there a while.

I would spend my fifth year in India ... I'd need to take advice on that one as I don't know enough to know where to live, only that I'd like to live somewhere over there and taste that life I've often read of and wondered about.

My life has become about reading the stories of places and people, more than I realised ...

Rather than tag anyone, just help yourself if it's a question you would like to consider ...


Manic said...

All those wonderful places. Roma, Istanbul, Paris, Iran - I can just imagine the beauty of this ancient, ancient land-, India was already on my list :D

V-Grrrl said...

Hmmmm. My choices (based on much less wandering and wanderlust than you've achieved thus far)

New York City
New Mexico (U.S) or Spain
Small town in England
Pacific northwest in America

womanwandering said...

Thanks for the tag ... it was lovely to sit down and imagining living in all of those places.

So we can be room mates for that year in Paris, v-grrrl? Lol, I can imagine there might be more than a few 'You didn't!' moments.

Anil P said...

India . . . well :)

womanwandering said...

Well indeed Anil :) I should write to you for advice on which Indian city to live in?