Friday, June 15, 2007

What you should do when visiting a beehive

You know when a beekeeper offers to show you a beehive and you're curious because you've never seen the inside of a working beehive before so you follow your friend and this beekeeper she so kindly introduced you to, and really you do listen intently when they both say 'Now if a bee lands on you, don't brush it away because you'll make mad' and I was sure that, as an adult, I could follow instructions but ... the bee landed on my face, directly between my eyes and I wasn't keen on having it there so I tried to guide it gently off and ... well it stung me.

Lut picked out the sting and the beekeeper (imker in Dutch) told me it would hurt for 5 minutes then swell.

It did hurt actually but the swelling wasn't so bad and we stopped at a outdoor cafe where a coke restored the energy lost during my quiet mostly internal panic attack ... as in 'Dammit, am I allergic to Belgian bee stings - I really don't know?' and 'Did it get me in the sinus or someplace important because I'm feeling kind of strange now'.

But it was a lovely afternoon out with a lovely friend.
Dank u wel Lut.

Postscript: Thanks for the spellcheck, Meneer Manic :)
Maybe it was phonetic ...


Manic said...

In Ditch? New sort of lingo you invented, my dear? :P
I can't stop laughing. I'm wondering how your face looks now. You got yourself a lemon squeezer on your nose ay, lmfao.
Well got luck with the unswelling :P

womanwandering said...

Spellcheck completed, thank you very much.

The swelling really wasn't so bad, my daughter can't even tell ... it doesn't match the ouchiness around the site, then again, I did ignore the warning so a little ouchiness is the lesson I guess.

'Well got luck' ... is this empathetic mispelling? I do believe you were laughing too hard to concentrate.

Manic said...

Oops, yea, I meant good luck. :P Don't blame yourself for ignoring the warning. Bees are just nasty little useful creatures. I remember when I was stung by one of those things back in my youngen days, I cried like a seven-year old. Maybe being seven had anything to do with it. Anyhow, I learned my lesson, when I see a bee, I make a run for it.

womanwandering said...

My eye is all odema-ed this morning, I wanted sunglasses to wear to the market and itch ... I would so love to scratch my eye but I know not to.

Sigh, it's so difficult being a grown-up aware of the consequences.

Manic said...

Poor Di, the swelling always comes a day late. Maybe putting a steak onto your stunged nose could help, it works with black eyes I've heard so.

womanwandering said...

I ignored it mostly, was puffy yesterday but it's almost gone today. I only had to remember not to rub my eye.