Saturday, June 23, 2007

Backstage, Belgie

Peek-a-boo, originally uploaded by - di.

Hanging out with v-grrrl, having a superb and excellent time. Met the lovely Peter too and got some truly fabulous images from my day with the people at PINA.


Peter said...

It was great to meet you Di. You were working quite hard while I kept on talking (and talking, and talking, we had fun) with v-grrrl.

You know, nobody ever called me 'lovely', much appreciated ;-)

Obviously, I'm curious watching the images from your day with the people from PINA.

I left the ROMA theater with my friend around 4pm, it was pouring with rain but we did enjoy the street concerts that provided some shelter.

I decided to forgo the main street dance parade due to the relentless rain.

As you may have noticed, I've got a couple of street shots online (as usual, I forgot my camera but was saved by my ever present cell-phone camera)

womanwandering said...

It was lovely to meet you too Peter!

I loved today's work ... the people were great and I'm pleased with the results ... frustrated as usual that I don't have a useful flash and that I'm missing a lens that would enhance my life oh-so-much! but today was high-energy fun.

Veronica caught me up on her time with you and we agreed that yes, you are lovely ;)

We were caught in the relentless rain as we left, and burst into a pub to take shelter because it was so bad.

I enjoying perusing your streets shots of the day ... I enjoy seeing your view of the world.