Sunday, June 10, 2007

I wrote honestly about how a extreme right political poster board out in the country in the middle of no where but directly across the road from a world war one cemetery affected me and immediately received offended and negative feedback so ... in the interests of keeping this blog nice, I've deleted my post.


Frans said...

I think you don't know Vlaams Belang and it's uyou spitting on the faces of many Flemings. We just fight for our rights, that's all.

Peter said...

Like you notice Di, "the political party vlaams belang are proudly anti-immigrant and 'Belgium for Belgians' only when it suits them and they have no issues with spitting on the graves of those who died fighting for the freedom of their countrymen."

Unfortunately, most people who vote for VB couldn't care less: VB is the ultimate extreme right-wing "après nous le déluge" party, targeted at all those Belgians (20%) who only care about their own lives, their own comfort, their own needs in their own small world.

And unfortunately, since the world has grown ever more egocentric, that's the very simple reason for their huge success..

womanwandering said...

Hi Peter, as you can see ... after reading of how Frans perceived my post about how bad it felt to find an extreme right political banner in the middle of empty countryside directly across the road from a world war one commonwealth cemetery full of New Zealanders and Australians and other foreign soldiers who died fighting for the freedom of Belgium, I took down the post.

Obviously and as you know only too well, I would never spit in the face of the Flemish. I love them for their ability to make space for this slow-learning speaker of Nederlands and I have mostly enjoyed my two years in this country.

It will be good to sit down and talk politics with you. We must do it one day soon because Gert finally diagnosed my political stance. I was curious but couldn't build the full picture without Nederlands.

V-Grrrl said...

Something we say in America:

"Nice women never make history."

Sigh. I do understand.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Di. We're not spitting on the face of the people of Flanders. All we want to do is sing our karakia for our people. We don't want to honour Hitler and the extreme pathological idiots like the one who wrote to you. Sing our karakia for our's and the others who died, whatever nationality, whatever side. Dreadful, dreadful attack on you from Vlaams Belang. We remember.

womanwandering said...

'Nice women' never do v-grrl, I'm sure.

And yes Anon, singing 'our karakia for our people' is a lovely way of talking about it all.