Thursday, June 14, 2007

More than you ever needed to know about me ... ;)

All men are world citizens by birth.
Every man has the right to go and settle anywhere and to live like a human being.

-Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar
Indian poet, linguist, and philosopher

A quote I surely believe to be true ... found over on the Expat Interviews website.

Expat Interviews is a website run by Lizza and Victor. They write: You can look at Expat Interviews this way if you will. Our site is like a bridge, something that people who need information on what it's like to live in another country, can cross to get first-hand feedback and insights from one of the best sources that exist: expatriates, or expats.

These people have made the big move themselves and are in a position to tell others what life is like for them as foreigners in another land. The expats featured here share their observations on a gamut of topics: from getting a job to dealing with homesickness to the traits of the local population. They also give tips that they think will be helpful for would-be expats.

Anyway my interview is over here ...


Manic said...

You seem so positive in your interview *looks around the room*. Yea I know, we aren't exactly real friendly and inviting and stuff, but normally it starts to better after three years, so I've heard. So just one year to go and you'll be hanging around with Belgians, isn't that great. :P
The toll thing, we are working on it, but you have experienced paperwork, so you can imagine how long this is going to take.

womanwandering said...

Well the interview is a snapshot, a review ... and you've been reading me as I worked through all that stuff and got sad and grouchy

It's okay, I'm ahead of schedule with Belgian friends and stayed with a lovely Belgian friend in Dendermonde for a couple of days and another Belgian friend is picking me up this afternoon and then there's you Manic :)

The toll thing ... it doesn't seem fair that Belgium is so badly hit by pollution from vehicles from all over Europe. I don't imagine the christian democrats are going to get anything useful done but maybe the coalition will surprise us.