Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Irish Pipe Band

Drummer- Pipe Band, originally uploaded by - di.

You can read about the Irish Peace Village here if curious.

That was the location of the reception that followed the June 7 ceremony. People mingled, drinking and eating. Gert and I wandered outside and my kiwi ears pricked up when I heard the sound of the bagpipes.

My Nana's sister was married to a bagpiper down in Invercargill, my mother adored the sound of them, I lived next door to McGlashan College's Pipe Band's practice room for a while, and my ancestors were a mix of Scottish and Irish ... I was programmed to adore the sound of the bagpipes.

After asking permission, I went to work with my camera and had the most marvellous time ... taking photographs while the pipe band played all around me.

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