Saturday, June 30, 2007

About 3rd birthdays in countries not your own ...

turning 3, originally uploaded by - di.

What we didn't realise until it came time to organise the party was that little Miss Two hadn't had all the normal experiences lately ... she can't go to Kindergarten and we don't really know the neighbours, who are mostly elderly.

I panicked and sent out 'party in the park' invitations but key people were going to be out of town ... in other countries really and then came the weather prediction ... rain, rain and more rain on the day.

We cancelled the party in the park, all but defeated.

But she's 3 and she's loved and as long as there's a bit of a fuss, we're sure she'll be fine.

It began with a gift and a card from New Zealand during the week, then today Gert's children are coming over for a birthday tea and tomorrow we have another much-loved friend of Miss Two's coming to dinner and then next week ... well let's see, perhaps on the day we'll have a day at the zoo with a picnic and cake.

'THE' day ... ?
4th of July no less

Tot ziens.


V-Grrrl said...

WAH! I had a gift all wrapped and ready for the Little Grrrl with Curls.

I hope she has a lovely day.

womanwandering said...

It's okay, world traveller, I invited your girls to a party at Michelle and Shannon's at the weekend ... if it's okay, we could pick it up then but if not, then you come see us when you're done with America.

Hope all is going well over there. Hmmm must go check your blog for a post.

Manic said...

Will Miss Two become Miss Three? Say happy birthday to her from me.

Peter said...

I'd advice on a day at the Antwerp Zoo: if she's never been there it's a great experience for a 3 yo.

I can recall the Antwerp zoo from way back when I was very young: it was pure magic and as a child I had the time of my life.

womanwandering said...

I did Manic, dank u wel.

We're working on the zoo Peter, I can see how she might love it. I'll let you know.

Ash said...

Awesome photos!
I noticed she is wearing yet another top I brought for her! (good to know I am part of her life while being so far away).
I hope she had a nice day - Life has been extremely hectic in our part of the world. -Will be in touch when we get a chance!
Love to you all!
Ash and Chris

womanwandering said...

Nice to find you here Ash. We talked about you and Christine to her over lunch today ... just reminding her about all of you :)

Ash said...

Mum has just ask to see if you got her last emails sent a couple a weeks ago?

womanwandering said...

Ashley, last one I received, according to my search email thingy, was dated Feb 21 ... I guess this means my email is playing up?