Wednesday, June 06, 2007

eBay - 45 minutes and 36 seconds

Bidding on eBay ... in Dutch.
It's quite stressful, especially when you really really need what you're bidding for.

We have discovered that my laptop has become a rather expensive storage box for my hard drive as in, if I plug in my external keyboard and then plug in an external monitor ... voila! I can use my 'laptop'.

Of course it's no longer mobile, it can't even be moved to the balcony so the hunt for a laptop all of my own will continue but later, after I've worked some.

Reading through the 'Getting Things Done' book I came to the setting up your office section and realised I have to go mobile. My plan is to be a wandering photographer, interweaving my photography business with an exciting new website Erin and I have under construction but more on that when we launch.

But there are other more pressing reasons to go mobile.
I share my office space with little Miss Two and although it's entertaining to have her randomly and inexplicably call out 'No papparazzi!' from her perch on the radiator heaters across the room, it's also incredibly distracting, as is childrens television in Dutch.

And unlike Gert and so many other workers, I am the woman who comes in to clean my office before beginning my working day. On a good day I even hang out 2 loads of washing and mop all the floors ...

Many of my roles in this world take place in the room formerly known as my office.

Okay, off to refresh eBay and pray that nobody else bids me out at the last minute ...


Manic said...

Yes Dutch cartoons are the best. You should really rent the Darkwing Duck cartoons, the Dutch intro song is ten times better than the English version.
So Miss Two already has problems with papparazzi, don't those people have any morals. Poor young ladette, hopefully she doesn't turn out a Paris.

womanwandering said...

Oh, colonials couldn't contemplate the Paris lifestyle ... have I read correctly, is Ms Hilton doing jailtime? I haven't researched it, just passing whispers have made me wonder.

Dutch cartoons ... no, dubbed and it's disturbing. I can't believe how wrong Sesame Street sounds :)