Sunday, June 03, 2007

I forgot Spain!

I loved Spain!!
What was I thinking ... I forgot to write it into my previous post.

Hmmmm, a city somewhere in Spain would be my 3rd city of choice and everything else would have to move down I think.

We were just contacted by Oscar recently ... Oscar will be our new Spanish teacher once Gert has the Belgian elections behind him and his boss next weekend.

And where would I live in Spain?
Well I loved Salamanca but what of the other places ... I think I would have to go wandering and find a city to love and live in for a year.

Brilliant language.
I almost died of pride when it was discovered I could role 'perro' off my poor little mono-lingual New Zealand tongue. I think they were bolstering my ego but hey, it felt nice to be told 'You said 'perro'! Perro is difficult for foreigners'.

Of course the Belgian will leave me in the dust when we learn but if I hold onto his coat tails real hard then he won't shake me off and I'll learn from him too ;)


Manic said...

Was it pero or perro? There's a differnce :P the one means but and the other dog, and then I've have a whole lot of other explaining to do with the first pero because, you can't use that but in all the but cases, but like I said, it would get me to far.
Studying Spanish at the moment :D

womanwandering said...

A whispered dank u wel Manic, I realised I had never seen perro written, I've only said it. ;)