Monday, June 18, 2007

So today ...

Today was a rough day, as we say back home in New Zealand but I discovered I know some incredibly good people ... I also learned that if you delete a post, those who receive RSS feeds of your blog still get to read it.


But on to more exciting things, Little Miss Two received a postcard from her Uncle back home. Little Joseph had covered a kiwi postcard with little round stickers ... and yes, that would be those little round stickers in the photo here, the same ones that Miss Two pulled off and put all over her legs.

I had nothing to do with it, I was merely the photographer.

You can only be sad for so long around this creature before there's some kind of 'incident'. Today it was her walking in with a plastic trash can, tipping it upside down, spreading her arms wide (much like a highwire trapeze artist at the end of a successful quadruple somesault) and shouting 'Ta Dah!'

Upon asking 'Wablief?' I was told ... 'I have wibbons in my hair!' Ta Dah!!!!!'


V-Grrrl said...

Damn, I miss when I could get away with being irascible because I was irresistibly cute.

I think that period in my life only lasted about a month. And I didn't have sparkly shoes.

Go ahead. Feel free to feel sorry for me now.

At least I still have curly hair...

Manic said...

Ohh wibbons are so nice :D Little children can be so adorable, but once they get bigger :P they learn how to mock.

Jon said...

What is wablief?

As for Sahara, she's so adorable :D

womanwandering said...

Hmmm v-grrrl, I seem to recall you being a little irascible off and on over the last few months. You have a way with words that is, quite frankly, highly amusing; words that I'm almost sure have been followed by wicked laughter and a toss of your beautiful curls.

Ja jongen, dat is zo.

Wablief is 'what' Jon, and yes, adorable she is ... although she still pronounces your name Jom :)