Monday, June 11, 2007

The learning curve ...

the tap, originally uploaded by - di.

A Swiss advertising agency contacted me about a photograph I had taken of this tap fountain at Ieper ...

Apparently they wanted it for a billboard campaign but they wanted a large image and mine, at that point in time, were only 3mb.

And so I learned to shoot raw images and now have 10mb images to play with ...

A timely lesson.


Manic said...

I still have no clue how the thing is able to fly, I'm just blaming your witchcraft. Yup, pure and simple as that.

womanwandering said...

Uh huh ... it's your country.
As I'm often heard saying to Gert, how come you don't know?

Rob Kistner said...

Di -

Nice photo!

I'm certain you know how the faucet works -- but if not... the support and all the recirculation of the water is housed in he center of the flow.

Yes... large files are the key to quality, reproducible images. I do digital art and photography, manipulated into photo-renderings -- many of my files exceed 100mb.

I can blow these images up, using the Genuine Fractals™ software, to be measured, width and height, in significant feet, not just inches. You should know about this software if you don't already.

Like your blog.

Image & Verse

chiefbiscuit said...

Great to catch up as always ... nice touch of kiwi for you at the commeoration service.
The poppy picture is amazing - but all your photos are. I hope you start to pick up some business soon too - you deserve to!
Your granddaughter sounds precious. (As they always are.)

Peter said...

A great shot Di. Sometimes we do get those just-in-time wake up calls.

I do know that "wish I had my 'real ' camera with me" feeling when I wander around Antwerpen.

As a non-pro I often wonder how the pros do it though: carrying around an SLR camera, lenses, spare batteries..

I mean, I'm often overloaded with groceries, paperwork, ice-cream cones - there's no way I could carry an additional SLR camera :)

Fortunately, there's always my trusted, compact cybershot cell-phone camera: at 2 MP more than enough for about any shot you can find at my blog.

But than again, I'm not a pro.

womanwandering said...

Thanks Rob and I enjoyed wandering over to yours :) Hey thanks for the information about he faucet and even more so for the large file information.

Much appreciated.

Hi chiefbiscuit and yes, the kiwi parts are always nice when out here. I was teasing the stone mason the other day. We were out looking at a memorial site for another NZ soldier and they were talking about how a NZ flag will fly there. I said, sounding very knowledgeable ... 'Anywhere a New Zealand flag flies actually becomes NZ territory ... did you know?'

The Belgians all raised an eyebrow at me and smiled some. I added, 'You know there's one hanging in the Grote Markt in Antwerpen?' and smiled quite evily.

And there is, there's some kind of NZ office for trade tucked away in there ...

Hi Peter, but what's a pro? I mean there are the professional photographers with their career and then there are the people who are passionate about photography and what they see in the world.

I usually try to carry my camera in any old bag I have with me, choosing a lens so I don't need to carry any extra gear.

Anyway, I'm glad that you carry your cellphone with you here ... you see such interesting things :)