Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Zen of Running

Equilibrium has been restored ...
Running training turned out to be the great restorer of calm.
We ran 1x2 minutes, 1x3 min, 2x 6 minutes and 1x 7 minutes.

I am purified and well ... a little bit sore actually however it was done without too much trouble so there's hope for me and my plans to do the Champagne Half-Marathon next year ... silly to try and run and drink this year, it might put me off forever.

Gert is thinking about not translating any future official letters I receive. It might be kinder. After all, if a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, does it make any sound?

So ... if it takes 1 or 2 years for me to get legal permission to work but they don't tell me it will take two years ... will I be happier than if they write to me and explain that it will take two years to be processed, with time being added for each school vacation during the processing?

Who knows ... but there's a possibility that this topic will be the subject of the occasional posting here. It also occured to me that if running works as a soul restorer then it seems possible that, by the time I am legal and working, I'll be a rather successful marathon runner.


Dobermann said...

I can't figure out what's their problem. Maybe they think you're threat to them. You know how fierce you Kiwis can be. lol It shouldn't take that long to give a decision. No matter if it's "yes" or "no", then you could re-apply or complain about it to court or where ever. It's frustrating to not know what's going on and when..

woman wandering said...

Perhaps it's the way I speak English ... perhaps I offended someone by talking of Brad Pett instead of Brad Pitt.

I'll have to go back to them ... it's driving me crazy. Although it's only the local District Huis. I was given a number for the office where my papers are in Brussels but it's constantly engaged ... it is one way of dealing with the immigrant problem though .. deliberate understaffing?

Whatever it is, I've never experienced anything like it in my life.

Kiwi princess gets a taste of the 'real world' eh ;)

shashikiran said...

That would be a fun run. I wonder how many drinks would be had by the end of the run. One would arrive at the finish in great shape!