Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Di On Destruction

Things are hotting up in my domestic life ... literally.

It seems I have moved on from peanut butter jars (although that's probably guilt about the wholesale destruction of a product that Sal gets from missionaries, on a good day). But on escalating destruction ... perhaps it's more about scale, there's not enough glass.

Tonight I was removing the lid of the big brand-new glass roasting dish, wanting to take the roast potatoes and sweet potatoes to the table ... and out came the steam ... so much steam. Not wanting to add the brand new glass roasting dish lid to the list of things that I have broken, I held on.

Steam burns are so nasty. I thought it wasn't so bad, I thought cold water would fix everything ... I even entertained the thought I could tough it out however I was so wrong! Four burnt fingers on my right hand just isn't funny, and the cream Gert insisted on going out to get is burning like acid.

Sigh, I'm a big baby.

Did I break the big roasting dish lid?
Of course not, that pile of shattered glass in the kitchen was only the much smaller lid on the carrots and peas ...

Of course, typing with one's right thumb and left hand is kind of interesting but it distracts me from the stinging ouchiness. Gert had a meeting so he's not available to minister to me.

Poor me.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Lady Di: I feel somewhat responsible. Perhaps it's because I just read something to that effect on your last post.

But you seem to have misinterpreted my instructions. So let me be clear. It is perfectly OK to drop and shatter the glass lid of a baking dish if *and only if* there is no peanut butter on the potatoes.

Hope you feel better soon. I had a fractured shoulder last January, so I know what it is to type lefty.


Alison said...

Remember Hunnybun... Flesh is more important than glassware. You can go to IKEA for more baking dishes. You can't buy new skin... well not in this country anyway.

Dobermann said...

Oh poor you. And Alison is right. Plus, don't they say that glass shatters mean good luck? ..as long as it's not mirror. ;)

woman wandering said...

Sal, I didn't mean to imply that you were responsible ... it's that my guilt over your lack of access to peanut butter clearly moved me to be more careful with my peanut butter jars ...

Thanks for the advice Alison, and Doberman ... good luck from shattered glass sounds so very good.

Meanwhile, it seems that the nasty stinging burn cream did some good and this morning I am left with 4 sunburnt, skin-intact, slightly painful fingers ... which is so much better than what I expected.