Friday, February 10, 2006


I love reading and have done for as long as I can remember. And so it goes that I enjoy reading blogs and when there's time I go web wandering, looking for authors telling their stories out in the world.

Today I found a series of blogs written by people like the pilot in Kinshasa, a woman also working in Kinshasa and another in Afghanistan.

And then there was this blogger, writing out of Afghanistan and she has a good selection of blog links near the bottom of her page taking you to people working in countries like Central Asia, the Caucases, the NIS and the CIS, South Asia, East Asia and the Americas.

It was another world ... an interesting world really.


Cat in Rabat said...

Peeked at your book list & was intrigued by an overlap in our favourite books! Love encountering a kindred soul ...

woman wandering said...

Hey cat, it's so rare that I find people with book taste like mine. :)

Sal DeTraglia said...

Lady Di:

If you're interested in blogs from exotic locations, try this one:

I understand that hotels are quite reasonable, but the air fare is a bit excessive.


woman wandering said...

Well Sal, writes the giggling one, you were telling the truth!

And to think that I doubted you and suspected you might be sending me off on a fool's errand as I wandered off to your website.

Exotic indeed ... food's probably rubbish though and is there alcohol????

Mozza said...

Thanks for stopping by in your web wandering and taking the time to leave comments. It convinced me to make a long overdue update to the appearance of my blog.

woman wandering said...

Hey mozza, I wandered over and liked the changes you made :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Woman! Thanks for the link and for reading my blog, and for the variety of other interesting links you have up.

Cat in Rabat- That's a great avatar.