Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

I came across this site by accident one day ... I'd never heard of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma before.

Their Mission Statement is as follows:

What is the Dart Center?
The Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma is a global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy. The Center also addresses the consequences of such coverage for those working in journalism. To these ends, the Dart Center:

— Advocates ethical and thorough reporting of trauma; sensitive, professional treatment of victims and survivors by journalists, and greater awareness by media organizations of the impact of trauma coverage on both news professionals and news consumers.

— Educates working journalists about the science and psychology of trauma and the implications for news coverage through this website, academic research, seminars, workshops and training.

— Serves as a forum for print, broadcast and Internet journalists to analyze issues, exchange ideas and advance strategies related to reporting on violence and catastrophic stress. We also create and sustain partnerships among media professionals, therapists and others concerned with trauma, and nurture peer-support among working journalists.


Harish N Jeyavel said...

Very Informative and interesting site, especially the in-depth resources!
Recently a man in Patiala, India, Self immolated himself, the media coverage was wide and within minutes, the tragic event was on all channels across India. Later the man succumbed to the burns. The journalists were like on an adrenaline rush! and had no clue how do deal with the situation! Dart Center would be of great help, since they were not only covering the news but part of the news, therefore they could have done more than taking pictures or video.

woman wandering said...

I was impressed by the site and decided to share ... the work that journalists do intrigues me ... as does the effect their work has on them.

I enjoyed visiting your site :)

Harish N Jeyavel said...

I saved many pages from the Dart center, as a doctor, the common trend is to do the doctors duty, propose investigations and new treatments which is ultimately money oriented, but when it comes to passing bad news, we just pass on the message to the nursing staff. No wonder patients are more close to the nurses than the doctors! Very few doctors get close to their patients fears and feelings.

woman wandering said...

I am surprised that more isn't known about the work the Dart Center does ... I've read a lot of war journalists and photographers books over the years and I think the tendency has been to 'tough out' the difficult experiences they have, soldiers too.

I was stunned when I read of what could cause Post trauma stress ... anyway, it's an informative site and I'm glad that you found the information useful.

Harish N Jeyavel said...

you will like this!
sorry if you already know about it!