Sunday, February 05, 2006

Robert Fisk

Okay I confess, today was a terribly cold rainy day here in Belgium.
I stayed home and read a lot hence the record number of postings ...

Just one more ...Robert Fisk was interviewed on television tonight ... Gert spotted the interview just after I confessed to picking up (sigh, and putting down) two of Fisk's books ... 'Pity the Nation - Lebanon at War' and 'The Great War for Civilisation - The Conquest of the Middle East'.

That day I noted their details, knowing I'll go back to get them when I'm legal and working again ... the usual.

The interview was interesting, revealing a man who seemed sure of himself and yet a man who was visibly affected when talking about whether he had made any difference with his years of war reporting. He had a way of making things clear ...

I went searching online, as is my habit and found a site that is useful if you're curious about him and his truth and reality. Robert Fisk

Tonight he talked of everything from the way dialogue has been designed for discussing September 11 to the everyday reality of Iraqi deaths and the fact that the American and British military personnel forbade journalists access to information like that found at the Iraqi Body Count site

I found the bodycount site due to discovering the life and death of a rather interesting woman named Marla Ruzicka

Mmmmm, and so one things leads to another ... the world becomes countries, the countries become people, the people become stories, and stories become understanding to quote Kevin Sites


Michael said...

If you have the chance to see Goodnight and Good Luck at the theaters, you might see some parallels to today's situation... Great post today!

woman wandering said...

I had been keen to see Goodnight and Good Luck, it looked superb.

Thanks for recommending it, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Samir said...

Thanks for that! I am going to be on a panel with Fisk at the Adelaide Writers Festival next month and I found the link very useful. Also thanks for your sweet comments on the blog and Happy Waitangi Day (6th) Kia ora!

woman wandering said...

A panel with Fisk ... Samir, enjoy it so much!! And please write of it afterwards ... the interview I saw was on Belgian tv and suffered for English not being the interviewer's first language ... even through he was good, Fisk has so much in him.

And Happy Waitangi Day back to you.