Thursday, February 02, 2006

Human Trafficking

I was wandering through Erkan's blog today when my attention was caught by this sex trafficking article.

I remember reading a whisper of an advertising campaign that wanted to educate people that sex with trafficked women was rape ... oddly enough, it's not a message I've seen developed ...

Anyway, I went searching for the author of the official information in the article ... and what I found was incredibly disturbing. If you go to this site and select the Second Anual Report on Victims of Trafficking in South-Eastern Europe 2005. It's a PDF file. Third down, the Trafficking Victim Profile also makes sobering reading.

Although the article talks of Turkey, human trafficking is also a massive problem in EU countries and unlike Turkey, European clients of brothels are doing nothing to stop the process. This report talks of the Unlikely Heroes in Turkey. Marielle Lindstrom, Head of the UN's International Organization for Migration in Turkey said, "I've been very surprised, we haven't noticed this anywhere in Europe". Since the hotline started, 74 per cent of tip-offs have come from men: customers who have learned to spot the difference between a professional prostitute and someone who's been forced into it.


erkan said...

Thank you for informing us, Di. You found such informative links. I always hear about it: Even if some turkish businessmen attend 'sex tourism', they end up falling in love with the women they meet and then they propose for marriage:)

woman wandering said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Erkan, and I've been curious about people traficking for quite some time.

And I had to smile, I could imagine the guys falling in love and proposing marriage ... for all the teasing, there's a lot of kindness there too.