Sunday, February 05, 2006

Paris, A Photo a Day

I discovered a delicious blog if you like Paris, photography, and enjoy reading of an interesting life ... It's called Paris Daily. Eric introduces himself as a friendly Parisian who posts a new photo of Paris each day.

Vive Eric!


euro-trac said...

Good Evening.. Oh dear.. I was one of those people that left a 'highly intelligent and oh so witty' comment for you regarding my domestic appliances.. and it's just been eaten up! :-(
Oh... you would have laughed!? :-)
Plus, it was from me! Not Trevor the Washing Machine!
I've just left a message for Sal, but that has been eaten up too! I wonder if this one will ever make it? I suggested Manuel, after his fave Spanish waiter, you see... even though I have now drunk several bottles of Spanish wine with you, I still can't beat Salivator!?
Loved your friend Alisons pictures!!

woman wandering said...

Hey there Euro-trac, this comment made it. I'm sorry to have missed the laughter ... hmmm, I wonder if the lost one is in my Yahoo ... wait while I look ... I got it. I just brought this piece through ... "Hehehehe! Brilliant! I'll stop those pesky domestic appliances from stalking you again! Not so easy sometimes... Trevor (washing machine) can be very stubborn and opinionated when he wants to be!? :-)

Thanks so much for bringing the 'boys' back under control, and
we need to coordinate our drinking one day ;)

Tot straks.

Nyana said...

Hey there!
amazing site here. you're quite a bit of a traveler - wow! i was fascinated to see you lived in istanbul. i spent a good chunk of time there too.
will be coming back here to see what you're up to! cheers!

euro-trac said...

Ahhhh... yes! The South of France! My spiritual home! I spent quite a bit of time there in my youth! I'd move back there in a heartbeat if circumstances were a little different!
Oooops! OK, I know it wasn't actually a 'highly intelligent and witty comment' - I lied! But, only because I thought you didn't get it! :-)

woman wandering said...

Lol, nooooooooooo I thought it fell within the bounds of Sal's claim to witty and highly intelligent comment. Mmmmm and I've been known to make the same claim on occasions when others might disagree ...

It made me laugh, it was cool.

Hey thanks Nyana. I enjoyed wandering through your site after the Thai salad posting :) Will be back.

ramblingwoman said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I've looked at yours and at the Paris One. It's great. Thanks!I will visit again. Luce, the rambling woman!

Michael said...

I just came across your site and was very interested in what you've written. I really liked the links you've selected as well. I've been a fan of Eric's Paris Daily Photo site for some time so was glad to see him featured here.

Eric said...

Thanks for the link and kind words. It has been a fun project with other cities catching on. How about an Antwerp Daily Photo? I've tried to find some people to start Daily Photos from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey, but so far no luck. Do you know anybody who might be interested in joining the Daily Photo family?

woman wandering said...

Thanks Michael.

Eric, I'll ask friends and classmates about Turkey and Iran, perhaps even Iraq ... there are 23 different countries represented in my Nederlands language course.

I wish I could create the daily photos of Istanbul site ... I loved using my camera there. But then again, Antwerpen photography might be fun too.

Dobermann said...

I just love Paris. :D