Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is a Chapati Mystery ...?

I've been blog wandering a little and I'm quite delighted with what I found.

Chapati Mystery is a blog written by Manan Ahmed, who is writing his dissertation in the history of South Asia and Islam at the University of Chicago and blogs under the sobriquet Sepoy.

He writes, none of the views expressed on this blog can be ascribed to his employer, his university, his landlord, the teenage mutant ninja turtles or leo strauss.

He has always had the tendency to poke authority in the eye and run like hell. While not the bravest of tactics, this has ensured his absence from Gitmo. He loves history, sometimes in a creepy way. His posts are often smug and superior in tone but you should forgive him. He is just an academic, after all.


Abrar said...

Chapati Mystery is indeed an interesting website showing things happening in South Asia!!

Thanks for sharing all this info about all the interesting blogs online!! You may find my blog interesting!! I have a feeling you have a flare for all the different cultures around, so you should be able to understan what I am talking about.


woman wandering said...

Hi Abrar, I don't know that I have a flare for all the different cultures, it's just that I'm curious about everything and while I'm 'in process' to be legal in Belgium I have more time to go web wandering.

Your site was interesting, I just need to study the concept somemore :)