Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Sometimes, when you wake and find the world outside is grey and there is rain sliding down the windows, you might just want to remember happier times.

I was in Roma back in 2003 and fell completely in love. I sent a 7 page email home after returning to Istanbul and someone said that it was as if I was writing of a new lover. Perhaps she was right in a way.

I had gone to Roma never expecting the myth of it to stand up to my 21st century examination of it ... and left reluctantly. I stayed in a small hotel on Campo de' Fiori; spent hours wandering through Castel Sant'Angelo pictured here; I climbed the million stairs to the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica and looked out over a city I possibly love more than any other.


Dobermann said...

I'm a sucker, I haven't traveled much in Europe. Scandinavia and Baltic states, yes, but otherwise I've only been to London, Paris, Prague, Budapest and Frankfurt airport.. I'd love to see Rome, Barcelona, and so on and so on..

THis is mainly because of my ex job and my ex's job at the time. It was relatively cheap to travel, so we went as far as possible as long as possible..

..I miss Jamaica, especially during winters.. lol

woman wandering said...

Hah ... how can I believe that a man who blogs about saunas and rolling buck naked in the snow might miss Jamaica? ;)

Dobermann said...

Hey, I hate winter, it's too long, too cold and too dark. I was meant to born in somewhere warm, but my mom wasn't informed about this early enough. Damn it. ;)