Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Movie

'I used to be the mother.
I used to be the wife.
But now I'm Shirley Valentine again ...'

I love this movie. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's about a 42 year old British wife and mother who has lost her self somewhere along the way while caught up in raising her children and meeting the needs of those she loves best. It's a common enough story and perhaps a self-effacing act that was and still can be considered normal enough.

The movie tells the story of this particular woman's journey from her kitchen; the place where she talked with her friend 'the wall' to Greece, where she met and rediscovered the girl that used to be her.

It's delicious, and although a gentle humour is woven throughout this slightly dated movie, it's popularity, awards and revues reveal that many can relate to the storyline.

I haven't fallen in love with him. I've fallen in love with the idea of living. Shirley Valentine.


Ms.Baker said...

Dear Di,

I love this movie too, and was just thinking about it today. I agree with your summation, you gave a great synopsis. I might be so presumptuous to add that at it's heart is a poignant (and hilariously told) story of a woman who wants to feel alive again, after living for the sake of others for so many years. She isn't looking for anyone to give her anything, she wants to find it -and give it - to herself.

To love herself again as a human rejoice in being alive.

(I enjoyed her conversations with the wall too, LOL)

Ms. Baker

woman wandering said...

I might have been trying to gently invite a few men to view it ;) so I downplayed it a little.

I love it! I watch it when I 'need' it. It's a constant battle for women I think ... this movie should part of 101 Womenhood, and then shown again later, when we're ready to understand its message.

It was lovely to find your comment here and I'm pleased to see that our tastes in books and movies continue to find meeting points.