Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Taste of Turkey

A Turkish friend introduced me to the work of Ara Guler, a famous Turkish photographer. And when I was searching for him, I found this rather superb site for web-wandering through people and places in Turkey.


Ms.Baker said...

Dear Di-

Oh, how beautiful. I am a great lover of black and white photography and have been doing my own for years... You made me go and Google him.

Thanks, and I am enjoying your most wonderful blog.

Ms Baker

woman wandering said...

Thank you Ms Baker. Hey, I revisited your site and realised that, like me, you have listed Under The Tuscan Sun, The English Patient book and movie and Coldplay and that we have other mutual favourites as well.

Have you ever read Michael Ondaatjes 'Running in the Family'? You might enjoy it too.