Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Haggis Bashing

I'm going to blame Sal for this one ...

I resisted for days, ignoring while people talked of high scores and haggis bashing.

Finally, one day, it just got too much, I had to go look.

I'm sorry.


euro-trac said...

But you haven't revealed your score! :-)
Sorry to hear about your hand.. Ouch! :-(

woman wandering said...

I am SO BAD at it ... of course I didn't reveal my score. I think my highest is just over 700.

It could be my sore hand ... hehehe

So I posted it so others could share in the suffering (and addiction) :)

Sal DeTraglia said...

Ah...Haggis Bashing. Heroin for the expat blogger set.

I was wondering why you've published so little today, and now I know.

700 is a pretty good bash, BTW. At least 85% of my haggis bashes barely limped past the 150 mark.

On behalf of Mel Gibson and myself (neither of us being Scots outside the realm of our own corrosive fantasies), I'd like to thank you for doing your part in furthering Haggis Diplomacy.

Maybe...just maybe...someday all passengers on this Spaceship Earth will be harmoniously eating from the same boiled and stuffed sheep intestine.

Liberty, fraternity, peace, love, brotherhood...and haggis.

I have no friggin' idea what I'm talking about.


woman wandering said...

Me ... eat stuffed sheep stomach ... hah!

I'm almost sure that's why my great great grandfather fled the Isle of Lewis ... and now I am charged with honouring his memory by not letting a morsel of it pass my lips. Hitting it is another thing entirely.

Just by the way, did you know that there is a statue honouring Robbie Burns in my home city of Dunedin, NZ (otherwise referred to the Edinburgh of the South) Oh aye laddie, we have bagpipes, haggis (or so rumour goes) and Robbie.

Lack of posts ... burnt fingers. Tsk tsk tsk, how quickly you forget injuries to my person.
Well actually, I offered to be Grasshopper Assistant for the NZ Expat newsletter, so I worked almost all day on that - but for a few forays into the world of bashing a haggis ...

erkan said...

Ok. I have to go to bed. My highest score is 504. That was in my first try. but then, no higher than 312...:(

woman wandering said...

Lol Erkan, I'm sorry ... it's to tempting to just keep trying and trying to bash that haggis, isn't it.

I usually work on my Toshiba laptop but changed over to Gert's computer because I thought my built-in touchpad mouse was making bashing the haggis more difficult ... and it was. :)

Good luck with it.

Dobermann said...

I blame you for this Haggish Bashing addiction, Di. lol

euro-trac said...

Over 700? With an injury!?
Boy, your good! :-)

woman wandering said...

Doberman, I would have to reply 'Nooooooooooooooo! Blame Sal. I am.'

Hmmm, or perhaps our addictive personalities are being revealed.

Euro trac ... I want to be better. My hand isn't sore anymore but it's fascinating me (oh yes, me and my full life) there are all these little pin-sized blisters appearing under a few layers of skin. Oddly enough, and this sounds like a big lie, it only hurts if I do things like washing the dishes ;)

Sal DeTraglia said...

I accept the blame...with pride!

Thanks to Haggis Bashing, free parking spaces abound in most major European cities this week.


woman wandering said...

You shameless man, you!!!

It might be worldwide soon ... how will they name it, oh glorious leader in things of the timewasting variety ...