Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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Another voice

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. I'm Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. In 2002, I went stumbling around Iraqi Kurdistan, the northern part of Iraq outside Saddam's direct control, looking for stories. (Some might call it "looking for trouble.") In March 2003, I made it back in time for the war, becoming the Web's first fully reader-funded journalist-blogger. With the support of thousands of readers, we raised almost $15,000. You can read my dispatches here. It was one of the moments in journalism when everything worked. It was a grand -- and successful -- experiment in independent journalism.
Now I'm back in Iraq for the third time, and this time, I've effectively moved to Baghdad. It's a raucous, scary and exciting place with a lot of news going on. I now report for a variety of outlets including TIME Magazine and others.


sandra said...

Wow -- amazing -- thanks for the link! I can't imagine what he must have seen in Iraq.

woman wandering said...

A pleasure ... love your blog by the way!