Thursday, February 16, 2006

I think I want a Dog Again

They make sense when the whole world seems crazy.

As I was walking to the car this morning I opened Gert's newspaper and there were the 2 year old photographs from Abu Ghraib... and I thought 'Why??!'

And without a word of a lie, just at that moment, feeling outraged and mortified that I might be described as a westerner and therefore tarred with the same brush as our ridiculous nose-thumbing, freedom of speech mainstream media, I looked up and straight into the eyes of a man who could have been of Middle Eastern descent and he was looking at me as I looked at him, walking his 3 children to school ... I was mortified.

I wanted to say 'I believe that countries need to become people and people all have their own stories'.

The newspapers are beginning to have blood on their hands.
What part of 'irresponsible' don't they understand.

A dog?
A dog makes sense when nothing else does.
They're loyal and I've never had one that was racist or bigoted or unintelligent. They're usually kind, non-judgemental, and oddly enough, I take their silence as agreement with any ideas I care to share with them.
What girl can resist that?


ramblingmuse said...

Hi there...just browsing from Dobermann's site. Your previous post - you're running a half marathon? I just completed my first one! It was awesome!

The pic of the dog is cute. :-)


woman wandering said...

I've been over your way too :)

Lol, the difference between you and I is that I'm 'talking' of running a half marathon. There's one in Champagne about May and the water breaks are champagne breaks ... which appealed to me. I don't think I'll be ready this year, I'm only learning how to build up my running times at the moment.

And thanks, the dog is my beloved Sandie-dog. She died back in 2002.

JaO/USA said...

Di Your comments on this post and others I've been too "busy" to ready were moving. I vow to return here more often. You have one of the best blogs I've read. Intelligent thoughtful. I've missed talking to you.

Anonymous said...

...that is...
to busy to READ
Happy late Valentines Day

woman wandering said...

Hey thanks jao/usa. Sometimes I click 'post' and think 'eek, I should delete that!' - it was nice to read that you enjoy this.

Jao as in French speaking Istanbul wandering, American-based Jao? :)

Hmmm or Jao the American speaking Istanbul-based Jao?

Or a Jao I'm not sure I know ... or I've forgotten ... or I'm too simple to think of.

Anyway, Happy late Valentine's back to you.

Mozza said...

Hey, DW's also looking for a dog!

woman wandering said...

I saw that but didn't recognise the breed of dog at all ... perhaps he's looking for one for the same reason ... the world's gone crazy. Did you see his post on the girl who keeps having her artificial leg stolen? I think that pushed him over the edge into requiring a dog.

ramblingmuse said...

Oh...I should post my running blog. This even was my FIRST ever run! I basically went from the couch to the event - seriously!

I'll dig it up...and repost on my site for you.

Sorry about losing Sandie. :-( I've lost a few beloved pets myself over the years. *sigh*