Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Literary Cow?

What constitutes work if you are a writer or an artist ... how do you justify 'dreamtime'?

For me, my blogsite has morphed from 'letters home' into an electronic journal where I make notes to myself. Rather than maintaining a Favourites List with its previously disordered impossible cast of hundreds ... I can now wander through my blogsite looking for that person, that quote, that idea noted down at some point in time.

I was trying to understand the process that looks so like laziness and it's this ... when I read I'm absorbing new tastes and nuances, learning new people, reading new ideas and so I'm preparing to write.

When I read I'm learning to write by reading the writing of others.

And when I write, ahhhh well that's the culmination of rumination ... the process that surely earns me the title of Aspiring L.C.


Cat in Rabat said...

I share your angst. I've been spending more time on my blog - using it as an online journal because I'm too lazy to write with a pen - rather than the "letters from abroad" as I had originally intended. Go figure. Maybe that book will come together when I'm 60!

woman wandering said...

The blogs are grand little online journals though, aren't they? I do enjoy wandering over to your 'place'. :)

woman wandering said...

Sigh, I had achieved a level of satisfied calm in this post - reading neruda, looking through book reviews, thinking ... then came the official letter.

I might just ban the outside world for a few weeks.

Morocco reads incredible ... how is it living there?