Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Left Knee (not starring Daniel Day-Lewis)

Sigh ... I have come to love running ... okay, perhaps not always 'in the moment' but I am most definately loving that post-running sensation.

Last night I went out, not sure of my left knee but wanting to try it. Six generations ago, my ancestors sailed from Scotland to New Zealand (okay, they were on the run from daily church services on the Isle of Lewis however this takes nothing away from their courage in ocean crossings and new beginnings ... although everyday church might inspire many to flee ...) anyway, my point, I am tough (except when being a baby).

So I ran the first 5 minutes and enjoyed it but my knee hurt. By then I had mentioned my knee to my coach a number of times ... he gave me advice and then we talked of wine and running ... a subject I much prefer since he is also privvy to more than a few sheep jokes which, much to my surprise, have been pinned on the Kiwi over here in Europe. Back home we all know the truth about Australians ... but I digress.

The 6 minute run went well too but for my aching left knee. The coach sent me off to warm down, Heidi promised to continue without me ... I warmed down and scuttled off to wait inside ... pretending to play games on my cellphone, pretending because it's a thing I can't do at all.

End of class and I exchanged dvds with Christine; so excited I am, I have 'la stanza del figlio' by Nanni Moretti. Excited as much by having the chance to watch it again, as by finally having the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack. I've been searching for the cd since first viewing the movie ...

Then home ... sigh, up the stairs since Gert had broken the elevator that morning. 15 flights of steps with my knee ... any damage I didn't do on the track, I did on the stairs dammit.

It looks like I'm going to have to rest for a few days. I can run through it but it gets a little worse each time I do something foolish with it. Getting out of the car is high on the 'dumb things to do with my left knee' list at the moment; clearly running is way up there too. Walking down the 15 short flights followed by the return is plain senseless ... prepare thyselves for an onslaught of posts.


harvey molloy said...

As long as the elevator's broken you don't need to run as you're getting the exercise!

Egan said...

Sorry to hear about the knee. I've been doing lots of runs and my knees start to get a bit sore during the longer runs, 10+ miles. Running is so damaging to your body. Get well.

woman wandering said...

But Harvey, she wails, the stairs are Everest-like in verticality (hmm, nice word) ... good idea but entirely outside my vision of how to arrive home. ;)

'A bit sore after a 10+ mile run' ... sigh, one day I too might casually talk of 10 mile runs ... I wish I had started this years ago. But thanks for the get well wish, Egan.

Sal DeTraglia said...

Lady Di:

Here are two good sites about knee problems for joggers:




These websites may help you identify the problem and its recommended self-treatment.

I had a knee problem last month (specifically, IBTS...which hurts like a bitch). The cure, however, is worse than the ailment--no running for a month.

In the meantime, Ibuprofen works wonders. And a bag of frozen peas is an excellent ice pack. No kidding.


woman wandering said...

Thanks Sal, I'll study the sites today. I'm applying coldpacks and resting it while I can. It would be so frustrating to stop running now, so I'm aiming to try again Monday ...

Jay said...

My left knee is also my achille's heel. Or something like that.

woman wandering said...

Hey miss jay,I hope my knee doesn't become an achille's heel ... I would love to continue with running.

By the way, I love your Kill the Goat site ... some of your posts are truly stunning.