Friday, February 10, 2006

Today ...

Today is has been approximately 22 weeks since I filed my application for a long stay visa in Belgium.

I applied here because it saved me an unbelievable amount of money and because the lovely woman at the District House told me it would only take 6-8 weeks to process. Unfortunately, my file sat there for one month before winging its way to Brussels for processing.

Meanwhile I cancelled my flight home for the moment, knowing I would be legal and working and able to go in the mid-2006.

13 weeks later I trotted back into the District House and talked to a lovely man about my application papers. He discovered that my file hadn't been sent off to Brussels until 11 November and said, with a grimace that made his statement less believable, 6-8 weeks should see me processed.

Today it's 9 weeks since I saw him (22 weeks in total since it all began)
All remains silent.
So here I am, in-process ... unable to earn money or leave the country.

Somehow it doesn't really seem like a champagne moment to me.


Dobermann said...

That's just f'ed up!

We have 6-8 weeks for work permit (long time for us) and then maybe 2-3week in immigration for the residents premit. So total of 8-11weeks. Usually it's not the longest for people coming from "secure" countries.

And that they didn't send it right awat, outrageous!

You hang on in there, I hope you'll get your "sticker" soon. :)

woman wandering said...

Perhaps New Zealand has become a 'non secure' country in my absence or perhaps an epidemic of Kiwi-speak is feared ... it's possible I guess. :(

Alison said...

Buck Up Little Soldier... I don't remember who first said that to me but it made me laugh so I thought I'd try it on you :) Shall I bring over the wine?

woman wandering said...

The 'Little Soldier' duly laughed and said, Yeah sure, bring over the wine'.

Manic said...

Belgium works just fine. You just have to go to the District House alot and complain a lot and you'll see the legalisation will go miuch faster. That's how burocracy works in little old Belgium.

woman wandering said...

Thanks pktje but everything is in Brussels now and well ... it has been for 4 months. They gave me a phone number but it's always engaged.

Always ... for a while it was as entertaining as Bashing the Haggis ... I challenged myself with 'could I phone in the exact split second when the phone line was open' ... no success.