Monday, September 01, 2008

47 Days to learn Italiano.

I began the countdown to Italy today and lay on my bed listening to the first 2 Pimslers Italiano lessons again.

So that was me, smiling a little as my tongue struggled to vibrate with a Buongiorno and actually laughing over my Arrivederci because it sounds so badly said when I attempt it but mostly it's fun lying there on the bed, repeating after the speaker and memorising sentences.

I'm more of a parrot than a grammar queen. I feel more than I make use of logic. Instinct wins over science for me every time.

Presently io capisco un po italiano.

And yes, I will pass your commiserations on to Gert.


Manictastic said...

Now don't mix your Italian with your Spanish, you hear. ;) They're awfully similar, but oh so different.

Di Mackey said...

Gah! don't mention Spanish. Suddenly all I could hear in my head was 'Hola!'

Peter said...

'Credo che le lingue straniere può essere complicato' Di ;-)

I agree, you're no grammar queen, but your 'savoir vivre' is highly developed.

Oh yes, Italian is way more complicated compared to Dutch if you're a native English speaker :-)

V-Grrrl said...

My brother, quite a brilliant man, could not pass German or French in university, but managed Italian. That's a good sign!

Di Mackey said...

:) Dank u wel, re: the savoir vivre but you know, I do love how Italiano feels in my mouth.

A very good sign, v-grrrl. I'm hopeful :)

1972 said...

Ciao. Felice di aiutarti se vuoi. Scrivimi all'e-mail.