Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's been a wee bit busy ...

I mailed the last photograph from the Flanders Fields shoot at 1am Sunday night ... that day that began at 4.30am.

It was an excellent day but oh such a long one.

I arrived home from the fields, with just enough time to have a quick nap after downloading the day's work but before going to pick up my photograph from the Borgerhart Exhibition. Gert and I met up with Friday night's crowd there but this time, just one glass of red was consumed and rather sedately.

The evening was filled with post-processing the Flanders Fields photographs and then sending them off to their various destinations where they arrived Monday morning New Zealand time.

I fell in to bed after 1am ... quite destroyed.

Monday morning, Belgian time, was all about being at the other art exhibition to pack up and move out. It was exhausting of course but I had good friends helping me.

1.30pm and I was at the cafe Peter and I have begun to call 'ours'. It's a good place to meet and catch up while people-watching.

I raced off to interview the owner of my favourite travel cafe at 3pm. It was a really enjoyable interview and inspired me to begin organising the rest of my list for the week. I have 2 interviews on Friday and I'm quite excited about both.

Today is all about the final check of the new work blog and the newsletter, followed by the big mail-out. The doors and windows are all open as I'm trying to squeeze the most out of the autumn sun, knowing that summer is pretty much over ...

I added a photograph that Peter took of Hans and I at the exhibition opening back on 5 September. I pick up the rest after he gets back from his Turkish honeymoon.

Dank u wel for persevering with the most unwilling photographee ever Peter.


Peter said...

It was entirely my pleasure Di.

Hans was pleased to notice he appeared online ("Oh, he said with a smile, "does this mean I should get a blog of my own?")

I know all about being an unwilling photographee: due to the often controversial nature of my blog I had to restrict publishing face shots of myself. It's been a choice I don't really regret, but still, if not for the most unpleasant comments I keep on receiving I would put my face online (photoshopped, obviously ;-).

As for yourself: you look great Di: a friend once saw your picture and assumed you were warm, caring yet determined - I guess that comes very close.

I'm off packing for Turkey, see you later!

Di Mackey said...

Bon voyage, Peter and Hans! :)