Sunday, September 21, 2008

More bad news for foreigners wanting to visit the United States...

Starting in 2009, everyone travelling to the USA, even those from visa-waiver countries (Such as Australia, UK, France, Sweden, etc) will be required to gain ‘travel authorization’ before they depart for their trip. Initially there will be no charge, however the government bill states “The Secretary of Homeland Security may charge a fee for the use of the System, which shall be (i) set at a level that will ensure recovery of the full costs of providing and administering the System; and (ii) available to pay the costs incurred to administer the System“.

Visit the twice mice blog to read the full article.

Twice Mice also supply a screen shot of your terms of use of the Department of Homelands security website.


Mark J said...

Why don't they love us any more?

We arrive, they take our photo's and fingerprints. God forbid they take our laptops.

Yet, how many of our countrymen died along with them - blood brothers in arms; sons and daughters, grandchildren now forgotten.

I'm just sorry so few have caused the mistrust of so many.
There has to be a change, and soon.

Manictastic said...

Guess I'll postpone going to the US even more now, specially now that the fucking dollar is so expensive again. One euro only is like 1.4 dollars now. :(

Wonders how far one euro would get you in New Zealand dollars?

Mark J said...

Ok - arguably an overly emotional rant on my part, but it does smart a bit when you're treated like a suspected terrorist, just because you want to visit the US.
It's a pity, because there are so many reasons to visit - a beautiful country and some lovely people to boot.
I wonder how many will be turned off the idea of visiting because of these new rules?

Di Mackey said...

I think it's just a few key people who don't like us anymore. My friends want me to visit them there but the only comparable experience I have was the time when I visited my mum's workmate's son in jail ...

Oh Manic, what could one do but laugh when I you chucked in your complaint about the dollar too.

Understandably emotional Mark, that's the point, isn't it - that we are made to feel like criminals until proven innocent - although I think, rather than innocence, Homelands Security reserve the right to do whatever they please ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

RD rd said...

We are such a scared, paranoid nation at the moment with knee jerk reactions to everything. That is Bush's legacy--FEAR. I'm taking bets on how long it will take us to recover on the world stage.

Di Mackey said...

Maybe it will be faster than expected if Obama and Biden get in ... RD