Wednesday, September 03, 2008

5 hours ...

5 hours to help set up the exhibition space and hang the 14 photographs I'll be showing.

We were exhausted by the time we dragged ourselves home at 4pm, having left at 9 in the morning.

So long out of the apartment because the other photographer, the fabulous Marc, called up and invited us over to view his work before he hung it. His photography defies description - it's panoramic and magical. I hope to have something to post on his one day soon.

Late afternoon, early evening was about a whole lot of other things: Post Office, painkillers and the supermarket. It was about emails to work, mailing maps to friends attending the exhibition and about talking to my lovely sister.

Even better, these last few nights, there's been a new and fabulous in-house cook. My daughter has recognised the space in the kitchen and it has been calling her name. She has been stunning us with beautiful food - tonight's Chicken and Red Wine casserole, with herb dumplings was outstanding.

Miss 4 is giddy with delight over the school holidays ending and we're almost back to normal ... if normal ever had a space in this place.

I folded some pages in Cees Nooteboom's book while riding the trains yesterday. I'll go find one to share ...


paola said...

I knew there was a cook in there!!! I could see her talent from the pink cupcakes and the pavlova ;-)

Di Mackey said...

She is fabulous, Paola. We're delighted she's moved into the main courses field.