Sunday, September 07, 2008

Looking Ahead ...

early morning, rome, originally uploaded by - di.

The week ahead is going to be busy as I juggle multiple tasks ... which clearly is something I enjoy because I keep setting myself up to live this way.

I started to write of it all but couldn't breathe which made me laugh because who knows why I keep doing it.

And just as I was sitting here bemused, Gert informed me that he's reformatting my laptop to make sure that everything is backed up and organised ... at the moment I would lose a lot if I lost either my laptop or the external hard-drive I already have.

He said it would take hours, if not days to do this work on my laptop.

I'm needed as a babysitter and a cleaner too.

I'm counting down to those days in Italy.


paris parfait said...

Wonderful photograph! That's me, juggling too much too. We have to learn to balance, I think! Off tomorrow to Blighty. Talk soon. xoxox

furiousBall said...

i love that picture amiga, it looks like a perfect day. you got the rays of sun. i can feel the warmth n' stuff.

Di Mackey said...

Sometimes I wonder if 'balance' isn't all about simply 'running faster', although maybe that's just on the days when all seems impossible.

Enjoy Blighty, talk to you soon, Tara.

Thanks Van. I love using the photographs to take me back to places I adored. This is the bridge outside Castel Sant' Angelo - my favourite place in Rome.

It was sunrise and the light there is so beautiful in the mornings ... so very very beautiful.

Peter said...

Back-ups are vital Di:
I even keep one in a safety deposit box.

As for Italy: I'll be waiting to watch you capture those unique moments coming up in Genoa.

Di Mackey said...

And I'll be waiting to hear how your trip to Turkey goes, Peter.