Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maureen Dowd, Writer

Maureen's latest op-ed in the New York Times.


Peter said...

A frightening tale.

"Never underestimate the determination of conservative America" someone once said.

With the cake being divided 50/50, the US are in for a rough ride.

gary rith said...

Gawd, Track and #@!king Trig.....the trailer trash is taking OVER AMERICA.
I'm moving to Belgium, dammit. Chocolate and beers? Sounds good.

furiousBall said...

jeeebus! that was horrifying...

please middle america, don't screw us again!

Di Mackey said...

Surely conservative America can see what this woman is like ... or do I say, 'Surely those who would vote republican in conservative America can see the dangers of this woman running the country'.

I read the Daily Kos report on her and was horrified. It seems like a really bad joke but one that whole world risks paying for.

You should do that, Gary, although politically, Belgium is interesting but their attitude of live and let live is so astoundingly grown up. And would save me from factoring in postage when I finally order some of your pottery ;)

I think the whole world is saying something like that prayer, Van.