Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An interesting day ...

10.30am came and I was interviewing a truly interesting man about his restaurant, midday and I was setting up an interview with cafe owner over a scrumptious sandwich ... both businesses are located in buildings from the 1500s. A staggering reality here in the old city.

1pm found me in one of the city offices, being redirected to set up another interview with one of their press people for next week.

2pm and I was interviewing the owner of my favourite hotel here in the city.

The 3pm found me being interviewed by Samenlevings opbouw (loosely translates as Society Building) They've been interviewing foreign artists in the city of Antwerpen, had found my photography website and deemed me worthy of the title of artist which made me smile.

Would I have called myself an artist ... ?
It was something to ponder.

We met at my favourite cafe where I was given an invitation to their feast on the square and the after-party.

Halfway through the interview with the Wilfried, I realised I had photographed him at a poetry reading last year ... which was amusing as we were talking of the development of networks at at the time.

My Belgian networks are starting bump into each other, even via my work at the NGO.

A strange and interesting day ... I hope yours was a good one too.


RD said...

Oh, dear, no. My day wasn't nearly as interesting as yours. 8:30 am-drop kids off at school after preparing breakfasts/lunches. 9 -walk dog/get my exercise.
11-shower. 12-a burrito alone at home. 1-vacuum, dishes, tidy house, fix early dinner. 2-school activity with kids. 4-early dinner prior to swim team practice. 4:30-read blogs. I wonder why no one wanted to interview me today??!

paris parfait said...

Wow you are one busy girl! What is your secret on keeping up with everything? I'm feeling so overwhelmed by all the obligations and demands on my time. I know I should say "no" more often.xoxox

Di Mackey said...

But which day would I prefer, RD?

I miss having a dog, Gert is resolute in his stubborn refusal to let me have a labrador. Fortunately he's not the boss of me ;)

Tara, I happen to know your life is busier than mine ... I'll get some tips on how you cope when you're here next week :)

V-Grrrl said...

WHAT?!!!! You wondered whether you would call yourself an ARTIST?

Shame on you, grrrl. Claim your big ART SELF.

Di Mackey said...

Lol, okay I will, Ms V but I really hadn't considered it till that moment ... maybe playing with the idea of it a little with the exhibition but it was interesting to talk and think about it in the interview.