Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Glimpse of St Carolus Borromeus Jezuietenkerk, Antwerpen

I read that Rubens contributed to the decorations on the facade of my favourite baroque church here in Antwerpen. Located in Conscienceplein, another favourite place of mine, this is a building I detour to walk by whenever possible.

It was built back in 1621 by the Jesuits, and although the exquisite ceiling paintings Rubens helped create were destroyed by a fire in the 18th century, as was the orginal marble, it's still a place to go and marvel about the minds of those who created such solid yet exquisite beauty.


PEACE said...

Beautiful. I love old architecture
especially churches and cathedrals. It always amazes me the stunning beauty and artistry and how cold and blah buildings are built now with more technology.

gary rith said...

Rubens paintings were lost in a fire??????

Di Mackey said...

I should try and capture the entire building, Peace. It's stunning and shameless in its baroque beauty.

Well, they were ceiling paintings he worked on with collaborators, Gary ... do you want me to find out more huh?