Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Photos to follow ...

The last 24 hours have been a bit of a whirl ... cleaning the apartment, buying in a satisfying selection of beer, meeting and greeting a New Zealand musician at Central Station, hanging out listening to a superb jazz band last night and getting said guest home safely around midnight.

I have a million stories, including an a pending photo shoot with parts of the band we were listening to last night and an interview with Paul about his upcoming projects which sound really exciting.

Meanwhile we're city-wandering today, tomorrow I'm exhibition-sitting all day, Thursday is over in Brussels working at the NGO and Friday I'm back at the exhibition, art-minding. That evening I have a photograph in another exhibition which opens (must note that one on the calendar). This one is more about everyone, all 50 or 60 artists and I only received one invitation for that. Curious to see how it goes.

Saturday and/or Sunday I'm down on Flanders Fields, hitching a ride there with Martin, photographing kiwi commemorations and catching up with the lovely people who look after New Zealand/Belgian world war one memories before heading back home to mail out photographs to the NZ Defence Forces for New Zealand newspapers and including a selection to the NZ Embassy for associated websites.

Monday or Tuesday a Danish-based Pakistani friend hopes to catch up while he's here in the city, Friday is a photography gig over in Brussels.

Okay, I need to write-up some interview questions for today.

Tot straks from this happy kiwi.


Manictastic said...

So basically you won't be able to blog much in the next week :(

kompoStella said...

doesn't sound as if things will quiet down after the exhibition opening after all ;-) thanks for sharing the link to the pix from that, btw, it looks as a very nice event.

furiousBall said...

somehow, i think "Tot straks" has nothing to do with some sort of New Zealander type of tater tot

gary rith said...

Rats. Wish I was there having fun too.

Di Mackey said...

Who knows, Manic. I seem to enjoy blogging and I'll have time to write off-line tomorrow ;)

I'm going to photograph the exhibition space tomorrow, as I popped in today with my guest and I liked how it all looked.

Somehow, I think that tater tots are something this kiwi knows nothing of.

You quite possibly would have enjoyed yarning tonight, Gary :)