Thursday, September 04, 2008

Frankly: If Palin wasn’t a woman would she ever be offered this job? Can you imagine McCain offering a job just a heartbeat away from Presidency to a man with a BA in a mid-western school who has no foreign political experience and only limited knowledge of other subject matters?
Paul in LA

I'm trying so hard to sit on my hands and not type anything on the horror that is Sarah Palin teamed up with John McCain.

I'm trying so hard to stay out of politics.

Meanwhile, my homepage is the NY Times and well ... I read around the world in newspapers most days.


Lydia said...

Great quote. Not-so-great ticket; in fact, terrifying ticket. I ran a good video parody done about Palin at my blog last week. It really is difficult to be still about this.

Peter said...

Well, it sometimes helps reading the comments sections:

Pam said...

Please don't mock us. It hurts too much. We're just trying to keep our optimism enough to get our ballots in on time.

Di Mackey said...

It is, isn't it Lydia. I don't want to write on it at all but feel compelled because I'm terrified that they'll get in.

Okay Peter :)

And Pam, there is no mocking. We just as sad and worried as you are I suspect.