Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before An Event ...

I know which photographs the Embassy need from me today, and the NZ Defence Forces have a have similar list ... thinking of it woke me at 4am and here I am, making breakfast at 5.30am. My alarm's going to ring at 5.45am anyway.

I love photography but before some jobs, I have a little stress.

Gert teased me in Berlin, distracting me as we wandered towards the first of our 2-day full-coverage wedding, talking me through my unconscious signs of stress.

Some I knew, some I had never known.

It comes from knowing that events are often 'one-off' occasions and you're 'it' when it comes to capturing it all in the best possible way.

Once I start working, I'm fine, unless it's the Queen of England. My hands shook that time and I ruined more than a few of my shots with camera shake. So until the camera is there in my hands, it's 4am coffee and a little bit of that shallow breathing thing.


gary rith said...

Wonder why she's scowling there? Misses her dogs probably.

Di Mackey said...

Mmmmm, she left me wondering if sometimes, she doesn't get a little bit bored after all this time and all those ceremonies.